We want to make seafood simple and social

With healthy and easily made delicate Icelandic Seafood Starters that gather people around the table.

From Iceland to the world, bringing quality seafood to the people

Iceland’s Finest is an Icelandic Seafood company, providing premium Icelandic Seafood to the world. The focus is to share quality Icelandic Seafood with people outside Iceland.

Iceland´s Finest is a new seafood Category concept

We make it easy to create delicate, Icelandic seafood starters at home.
We offer culinary education and help people to prepare and enjoy healthy, stylish food that invites to be shared in good company

You already know the Italian antipasti, the Spanish tapas, and the French hors-d’oeuvre. We give the small dish that evokes your appetite an Icelandic twist:
We are Icelandic seafood starters: delicate and healthy starters based on Icelandic seafood.

Each Starter kit (product) contains the three key ingredients and a step by step recipe to prepare a specific starter.